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Rope bondage ties, terms and knots

Shibari   -  To tie

Kinbaku - Literally means tight binding. SM rope bondage
Kazushi- Messy style, jazz equivalent in rope

Nawa      - Rope

Rope Drunk - Nawa yoi

Tsuri       - Suspension

Ippon nawa - One rope

Hojojutsu - Restraint
Tenugui    - Traditional cotton towel used as a blindfold

Rope Bunny Tease


Box tie       - TK or takate kote

Arms Free Chest harness - Shinju

Shrimp tie  - Ebi

Frog tie      - Futomomo (often on legs)

Rifle tie      - Teppo

Bunny or Pillow tie - Waki (elbows up)

Demon tie  - Tengu (elbows down)

Diamond tie - Hishi

Body tie     - Karada

Hip Harness - Koshi-nawa

Vertical tie  - Hashira

Hair tie        - Kami

Sideways tie - Yoko

Ladder tie   - Ryo

Inverted tie - Sakasa


KNOTS (musubime) & TERMS

SquareReefBoola Boola or Yuki knot (often in single columns)
Cinch     - kannuki 

Tail or Working end   - nawajiri

Cross hitch     - Munter or nodome

Gote       - hands behind back

Lark’s head (often used for rope connection)

Granny knot

Double Coin knot

Half hitch - takedome 

Burlington bowline

Somerville bowline

Open rope is every 2nd Friday of the month.

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