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What is the Hell Fire Club?

Your Ultimate Guide to Dungeon Hell Paso's Hell Fire Club membership and benefits

Since we’re learning about kink and BDSM, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on one of the best ways to learn about kink! Joining the Hell Fire Club! The Hell Fire Club is the membership club associated with Dungeon Hell Paso. It is one of the best ways to support our mission, since the membership fees go exclusively to keeping the doors open, the lights on, and adding to our space.

Hell Fire Club logo

Becoming a Hell Fire Club member is actually a very simple process. First you would buy your membership. We have two options available for those who want to participate, either $50 per year or $10 per month (this option does require at least a 6 month commitment, unless you move to the yearly option). We really want to keep membership as accessible to everyone as possible. After your membership is purchased on our website, you will schedule your in-person vetting. The website should give you a prompt to go right to the page to do that, but in case it doesn’t you can click here. Group vettings are done every Friday at 4pm. So you can attend whatever event is happening that night as soon as you finish! If you’re shy or Friday at 4pm just doesn’t work for you, there is also the option to schedule a private vetting. Private vettings are $25 and you will discuss with Master Kane the time that works best for both of your schedules.

What Discounts are Offered for Hell Fire Club members?


What is a Vetting and What Happens During One?

The big questions we seem to get most often: What is a vetting? What happens during a vetting? What should I wear or what will I be doing? I know it can sound a bit intimidating to start. But it’s so much simpler than anything you’re imagining! The vetting takes about 2 hours. You will (almost always) sit down with Master Kane and he will go over the rules with you. Making sure you understand those is very important since you are saying you know, understand, and will follow the rules. After he’s gone over all of those, you get to sign your soul to the devil, I mean…. Sign the legal paperwork our lawyers say is important. It seems like a lot of paperwork, but it really just sums up to: You understand we do kinky stuff here and you’re not going to get upset that kinky stuff is happening. The lawyers just wanted to add all these extra words in because they like lots of paper. See? Not as scary as you were thinking! No play will happen during the vetting. It’s just a conversation. So you don’t need to dress up or anything like that either, come in whatever street clothes you feel comfortable in!

Hell Fire Club Group Vetting

Now that we’ve touched on the requirements and gotten the boring stuff out of the way. Let’s get into the fun part! What do you get with your membership?

Which Events are Hell Fire Club Member Only?

You’re invited to our Vetted Hell Fire Club members only events! We have at least 3 members only events every month. Though I think we’ve had as many as 5 in one month though. Each month is going to vary a bit. But we do have Kinky Yoga, GreenKnight, and KINKnight that happen every month. Open Dungeon events vary in amount, based on the calendar. Nudity is allowed at all of these events. Sexual activity is still not allowed though, save it for when you go home!

Kinky Yoga is taught by one of our members, Monk! Monk is a yoga instructor who comes all the way down from Las Cruces to lead these classes. She is a trauma-informed instructor and creates a class that will help stretch your body and have some kinky fun at the same time! This class focuses on self-acceptance, letting go of shame, self-criticism, and self-judgment. The goal is to learn to feel good in your own body and mind. Kinky Yoga is held the first Friday of the month at 7pm. Dress (or undress) to your comfort for class. If you attend, you must participate. Keep your voyeurism for a different event!

GreenKnight is also the first Friday of the month! It starts right after Kinky Yoga, at 8pm. We even offer a bundle where you can buy your tickets to Kinky Yoga and GreenKnight and get a discount. GreenKnight is a special event since this is the ONLY time pictures are allowed to be taken in our space! Every other event that happens in Dungeon Hell Paso, we do not allow any type of photography. So we offer this special event just for you, our members!

KINKnight is our monthly play party and social event! This is where you will get to meet the most people in the community. Since it is members only, people tend to behave. They don’t want to lose access to the space we provide. You do have a measure of safety since everyone is vetted prior to attending. Please still negotiate with new play partners and don’t expect us to know everything, our mind reading abilities are extremely lacking! We do have Dungeon Monitors available that will keep an eye out for safety violations and safe words. Quite a few people will come to KINKnight and just hang out with others and chat! Bring snacks to share, and just enjoy being in the company of fellow kinksters!

Open Dungeon happens most Fridays that don’t have other events (such as Open Rope Night, Kinky Yoga, GreenKnight, or KINKnight). Open Dungeon is a quieter time. It’s not so much a social event, but more a chance to come in and play. Bring your partner and enjoy having a fully equipped play space. It’s a good chance to practice skills where it feels a bit more “private”.

What Discounts are offered for Hell Fire Club members?

Everyone loves discounts, don’t they? By becoming a HFC member, you also get discounts to most events that are open to the public! Come to Open Rope Night and practice with others, maybe meet some other rope enthusiasts! Flexi Bunny is a great time to learn some stretches so that you can get into more fun positions during your next rope scene. Our Littles host a party every month! Is this a kink you’re wanting to explore more? Or maybe you’re really interested in our workshops? Expanding your knowledge and skills is a cornerstone of the kinky lifestyle! Every one of these events is 20% off for our members!

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

An exclusive (and highly sought after) benefit of becoming a Hell Fire Club member is access to our professionals for lifestyle coaching. Each of our instructors have training and experience in aspects of BDSM and/or Sexuality and will be happy to sit down with you and discuss aspects or teach hands on skills. Each instructor sets their own rate though, so you would need to talk to them individually. Please be aware that most of our instructors do have regular people jobs and you’d have to work around that schedule. (Shameless self plug incoming) This is what I specialize in! I’m a Certified Sexologist and have made teaching sexuality and BDSM my entire job. I am the weirdo who doesn’t have a job outside of this, so it does mean a much more flexible schedule! As stated, you would have to reach out to me privately for that discussion. Not one of our instructors is going to have that conversation in the comments of this post.

Can the Dungeon Be Rented?

The last (on paper) benefit is that you now have access to rent the Dungeon for yourself! That could be for a personal session for just you and your partner; it could be for a bachelor/ette party, a birthday party, or a “I just want to have a private kinky party” party! The ideas are endless! You would just need to contact our Dungeon Master, Master Kane, to discuss rates and scheduling. Please don’t email me! I don’t handle that aspect.

Interior of Dungeon Hell Paso, There are several Saint Andrew's Crosses, a large cage, racks with various impact play toys, and a Throne. It is a warehouse type space

I know that was a lot to read, and I appreciate you sticking around this long! But there is a lot that we offer our members! We try to add other things as often as possible for extra incentives as well. An example is that every new Hell Fire Club member that signs up between July 4th and November 17th is entered to win a gift basket worth $450! And that’s just for getting your membership! You don’t even have to come to an event! Make sure to keep an eye on our social medias and emails so that you don’t miss out on the fun things we offer.

TL;DR: The Hell Fire Club is awesome and you should join because we have a lot of members only events every month, you get discounts to most public events, access to lifestyle coaching, and the ability to rent the Dungeon.

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information and you’re excited to come out and join us! Between our different members only events, discounts to public events, access to lifestyle coaching, and being able to rent the Dungeon yourself, there are tons of reasons to get your membership! We have a pretty awesome community of Hell Fire Club members, if I do say so myself. In case you need it, click here to buy your membership and click here to schedule your vetting! I’m looking forward to meeting you at a future event!

EmilyRoseElPaso, logo for Miss Emily Rose, BDSM Lifestyle Coach, Professional Switch,

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Is Greenknight just about being able to take pictures? I’m curious what the actual event is? Doesn’t say in the paragraph where is described.

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It's a play event, similar to Open Dungeon. The main purpose of this event is that pictures are allowed though. It was highly requested when we shifted to a "no picture" rule a few months back

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