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How do I contact Dungeon Hell Paso?

Send an email message to:


What is your age range and demographic?

We welcome everyone age 21 and over. Single, in a relationship, poly, LGBTQ+ or straight.  If you're kinky or just curious, you're welcome in Hell!


What is your policy on alcohol & drugs?

We do not serve alcohol, nor do we allow alcohol to be brought in. For the safety and comfort of everyone involved, we respectfully ask that you do not drink or do recreational drugs before coming to Dungeon Hell Paso. We take consent very seriously.  We want to provide a safe environment and prevent  any unsafe practices due to an altered state of mind. Alcohol and drugs will interfere with clear-headed consent.  We will remove anyone from our property that is under the influence



Is this a sex club?

NO.  This is strictly a BDSM club.  No sexual penetration or fluid exchange is allowed. 



Is there a dress code?

Most events do not have a dress code.
For workshops, most will be in casual wear.  For rope events, it is recommended that you wear form fit clothing such as gym shorts and tops. 
There is a dress code for KINKnights.  Fetish/kink wear is required.


Do I have to get naked and do I have to participate?

Absolutely not!
The only thing we require out of our members is common courtesy.
If you don't want to participate, we have an area with sofas for those who would like to spectate.


Can I bring my own toy bag?



Do you have somewhere I can stash my stuff?

YES! We have community cubbies.


How much is a membership?

The Hell Fire Club membership is a flat fee per person. 

Memberships are $50 per person, per year. Membership is not valid until you have completed your in-person vetting.


Do I have to pay every time I visit?

Yes. Like most dungeons, there is an entrance fee to every event or workshop. We would love to be able to charge only the low membership dues, but until we become independently wealthy, we’ll need your help to keep the place up and running. The entrance fee varies per event but is usually between $15 and $50 per person. Most times we offer a couple's ticket discounts. 


Do you take credit cards?

You can purchase most event tickets on our website using the credit card of your choice.  We can take credit cards at the door, however we do charge a small service fee. 


What is your policy on cameras?

During most events, we offer our visitors either a green or red band on their wrist.  Green means you allow anyone to photograph you and post on social media.  Red means they are not consenting to any type of photography, let alone the sharing of any pictures that include them.

For our KINKnights and Naked Yoga classes, there is absolutely no video or photos permitted (this includes cell phones) during the event. However, we do offer a selfie area for private photos that is separate from the play area.


Why must I get vetted and sign membership forms?

As a members only club, only members are allowed. This includes those who are visiting from out of town and will not be frequent visitors.

Membership vetting & paperwork must be done prior to your initial visit. Membership is good for 1 full year from the date that your dues ($50) are paid.  Your memberships is set on default to renew.  This option can be removed on your settings page.

Dungeon Hell Paso holds all information confidential and will neither sell it, nor share private information such as legal names. Information will be entered into a password-protected, encrypted database (and guarded by our hell hounds) that will protect your information while also allowing us to easily confirm your membership. A driver's license or other official ID is required, along with the same credit card used to purchase the membership.  This is to confirm your identity.


Why must it be a private membership club anyway?

Due to local laws, a private membership club allows us to exist without legal ramifications.


Is there food available?

We'll always have waters and sometimes light snacks available for free. 
You're welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in an air tight container.


What kinds of play don’t you allow?

No scat 
No male ejaculation
No female ejaculation
No sex, strap-ons, or penetration

These things can not only be messy, but mostly it just treads a legal line that we prefer not to tread.


Do you do any private rentals of the space?

Absolutely! We rent to groups, content creators, or couples who want to use the space for themselves.  This privilege is exclusive to our Hell Fire Club Members.
Contact for more information.


Have any other questions? Just ask!


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